The Awareness Day
Model Canvas

The Awareness Day model canvas is a powerful tool that we’ve created to help you plan and process your World Awareness Day in a quick and succinct way. It’s based on the Business Modal Canvas that’s helped people visualize complex issues all around the world. Using this canvas will help you pinpoint the complete workings of your campaign and identify the important elements needed to create change for good.

We’re giving this powerful tool away for free. All we ask is that if you like it then please share it with others.


Download your copy of the
Awareness Day Model Canvas

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Campaign goal

Define your main goal. E.g., Raise awareness of heart disease, breast cancer, save the Rhinos, anything!

Choose your day

What day will become your official Awareness day? Ideally pick a date that’s relevant to your campaign and not over saturated.

Campaign slogan

Determine a short, succinct and memorable campaign slogan. The more interesting it is the better.

Call to Actions

Determine what you action do you want people to take on the actual Awareness Day. E.g., Share content via social media, create a TicToc video, use a specific #tag.


Determine how you will reach people. E.g., Your website, social influencers, partner databases, email broadcasts and advertising.


Who will you ultimately be targeting? E.G., Policy makers, Doctors, patients and nurses.

Segment message

What do you intend to say to the specific segments? Each person will require a different message and call to action.

Target countries and languages

For your World Awareness Day to go global, you'll need to translate all your materials into the most spoken languages.


Who will help you with your campaign and what specific actions will they take? What key suppliers do you have and what will they do?

Creative assets

What assets do you need to create to promote your campaign? E.g., Social media graphics, videos, Tool-kits, influencer content and web banners.


What specific activities will your organisation personally undertake? You can’t do everything yourself so choose wisely.

Campaign infrastructure

What elements do you need to put in place to make sure you can deliver your campaign. E.g., Databases, email platforms, webinar accounts and social media channels.

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